Why You Should Choose Bespoke Headboards

Bespoke Headboards
There are many reasons to choose to go with Bespoke Headboards over a more conventional, and may I say it, boring headboard for your bed, with the reasons all adding up to ensure that a bespoke headboard is a must have in the modern bedroom! This article aims to show you the reasons to go for a headboard that is bespoke and made for your needs over one that is made for everyone!


A standard headboard comes in the fabric you see, with most bed retailers offering you the standard selection of wool, cottons and other fabrics in a range of colours, but what you see is what you get, and you won’t likely see a range of headboards that shows off a unique range of fabric, it will normally just be one of the standard fabrics. This is completely not the case when it comes to bespoke headboards, as you are free to choose from a far larger range of fabrics on a design that is completely made for you!


Normally, you find a headboard that works with your bed and your bedroom so as to not have it clash with the design, but overall you will find something rather meek that acts as an accessory to the bedroom. With a bespoke headboard, you have the opportunity to make the perfect headboard to go with your room, with there even being options to make the headboard the mainline thing in the bedroom itself, with it becoming a statement piece to really give off an impact to guests that walk into your bedroom.


a conventional headboard will be built to accommodate one of the standard bed sizes, such as king or single etc, but this approach to sizing really narrows down the options you have when choosing a headboard, and when it comes to bespoke headboards, this issue is completely eliminated, and you can choose a size that works well with not just your bed, but your bedroom too! Meaning that if you need something smaller and more subtle to fit in your bedroom, this is no problem, nor is having a far larger and taller headboard to be the statement piece of your bedroom by taking advantage of the added space.

Bespoke Headboards – Just As You Want It

When its comes to bespoke headboards, there is virtually nothing that is too much of an ask, and to be able to sum it up, the reason to choose bespoke headboards over a standard pre-made headboard is that’s its built for you, and as such will be perfect for you in every way, from the fabric, size and general impact it will have in your bedroom!

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