Gibraltar not happy over EU making travel visa-free for British citizens

Gibraltar sunset

The footnote comprising the controversial description of this stone was connected to the EU’s regulation on the insistence of both Spain, together with whom the UK was in dispute over Gibraltar for 3 decades.

During a meeting on Friday along with his EU counterparts, Sir Tim Barrow, the UK’s ambassador in Brussels, voiced Downing Street’s rejection officials, of this description.

“It is totally unacceptable to explain Gibraltar in this manner,” the prime minster’s official spokesman said. “Gibraltar is a complete part of the united kingdom household and contains a mature and contemporary constitutional relationship with the United Kingdom. This won’t change because of our departure from the EU.”

The UK would withstand any effort to sue in reopening the withdrawal arrangement treaty, if the UK succeeds, ” the spokesman said.

To see that EU officials have made the exact same error is at best insensitive, or even incompetent.”

Spain ceded in perpetuity gibraltar in 1713, to the British at the treaty of Utrecht. Its own status was rejigged over the centuries since the empire receded although it became a Crown colony in 1830.

In 1983, as with of the prior Crown colonies, Gibraltar became a land to be rebadged as a British overseas territory in 2002.

It has its own parliament however its head of state is the Queen, who’s represented with the governor of Gibraltar authorities for the defence of the rock, internal security, foreign policy and governance.

The row across the footnote was bubbling for months. Spain originally wanted all of the EU’s no-deal laws — drafted in the event the UK leaves 29 March with no ratifying the withdrawal arrangement — to be aware the Gibraltar was contested and about a UN list of”non-self-governing lands… subject to decolonisation”.

That movement was blocked by France, as New Caledonia and French Polynesia are on this record, along with a formula of phrases was found to meet Madrid.

Regardless of the flare-up, the conclusion by the EU signifies UK taxpayers entering the Schengen area for up to 90 days in any 180 times of the EU must be allowed travel.

The EU cautioned if the UK government imposed visa conditions on some of its member nations at any moment that tourists would lose that right.

“In case the United Kingdom presents a visa requirement for nationals of a minumum of one member nation later on, the present reciprocity mechanism could employ and the 3 institutions and the member countries could commit to act without delay applying the mechanism”

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