Lady Gaga – Pregnancy Rumours Laughed Off With Album Announcement

Lady Gaga has summoned her Small chords to a frenzy by teasing the launch of new music.

The singer indicated she’s going to give birth to her sixth studio album, as she reunite in pregnancy rumours.

Some US tabloid sockets had theorised Gaga was expecting her first child, after her split from fiance Christian Carino before this season.

But she closed all of the chatter down, while also striking a completely new dialog, with one easy tweet.

She wrote:”Rumours I am pregnant? Yeah, I am blessed with #LG6.”

Reports have promised Gaga was working with Scottish manufacturer SOPHIE about the new album, with others saying she’s also teamed up with Joanne collaborator Mark Ronson again.

Gaga has, of course, appreciated recent commercial and critical success together with the A Star Is Born soundtrack.

Gaga lately dismissed speculation there was a romantic element for her connection with co-star Bradley, after their performance of this single at the month’s Academy Awards.

Addressing the thing within an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she explained:”First of all, social websites rather honestly is the bathroom of the net and what it’s done to pop culture is abysmal.

“And folks watched adore, and guess what, that is exactly what we wanted you to view. This is a romance, the film is a love story”

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