John Major Shall seek a judicial review to Prevent Parliament shutdown

Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the BBC he would seek a judicial review when the prime minister attempted to suspend a Brexit to be delivered by Parliament.

Sir John said such a move could be”completely and completely unacceptable”.

Employing a evaluation, everyone can use to challenge the lawfulness of decisions.

A source close to Boris Johnson told the BBC’s helper political editor Norman Smith which Sir John”has gone totally bonkers” and had”was pushed completely mad by Brexit”.

The UK was expected to leave the EU March, but this date has been postponed after the deal of Theresa May was rejected by MPs. The date for departure is 31 October.

Then one will be left with no by the UK if this date has been reached without a deal being consented to the separation procedure.

This choice has been voted against by mPs, but the minister may attempt to go around that by shutting Parliament – proroguing – an chance to obstruct it.

Prorogation finishes a session, meaning MPs can’t vote on laws. A session opens with the Queen’s Speech and the State Opening of Parliament.

Prorogation’s issue was increased during his rival in the race and a lTV discussion between Mr Johnson to lead the Conservative Party Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Hunt categorically ruled out it but Mr Johnson stated that he would”take anything off the desk”.

Talking to Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir John explained:”To be able to shut down Parliament, the prime minister would need to visit Her Majesty the Queen and then request her consent.”

He explained it could be”unthinkable” that the Queen would deny his request and that she’d be placed”amidst an inherent controversy”.

“The Queen’s conclusion can’t be challenged in law, but the prime minister’s advice to the Queen may, I think, be contested in legislation – and I would be ready to look for judicial review to stop Parliament being contested,” he explained.

“National leaders seem in the interests of this nation – not at the interests of these,” he added.

Conservative MP and Boris Johnson supporter Chris Philp clarified Sir John’s danger as”a stunt” including”I do not think it’s a serious proposal”.

The primary strategy is to obtain a deal agreed with the European Union.”

But, Labour peer and Stay supporter Lord Falconer said Sir John had”correctly set out the legal standing”.

The former justice secretary stated that”to inform the Queen to stop Parliament from performing its job is to cut the most elementary part of our constitution and so would be criminal.”

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